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Information about the complaint:


The carrier is not liable for poorly packed shipments. The manufacturer usually does not recognize the warranty for goods damaged in transit.
Buyer do not arise in relation to other costs related to returning the goods if the claim is justified.
The seller decides on the complaint within 30 days and inform the buyer via e-mail if the buyer agrees otherwise.

CARRIER YOU MUST provide for the control GOODS. CHECK YOUR GOODS CHECKING U, CORRUPTION IF NOT THEN carriers on a claim at the time of acceptance (signed drivers transport companies).

The warranty period is 24 months commencing on the date of receipt of the product by the consumer. Seller is responsible for all product defect, which has the goods on receipt by the buyer, or that appear during the warranty period. It does not apply to the defects caused by rough handling or mechanical damage.

When making a claim must be submitted to the claimed goods (or documentation defects) and a brief description of the defect when the claim you please attach proof of purchase. . Without proof of claim can not be applied.


The claim expires in the following cases:

damage to goods in transit (such damages to be addressed with the carrier upon acceptance)
violation of protective seals and labels if the product is
misapplication, incorrect installation
goods have been damaged by the elements
goods have been damaged by excessive load or use
confinement granulate is no reason for complaint