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Terms and Conditions

Shop operated by the company:

FOR YOU Shop s. r. o.

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All prices in shop are final, including VAT.

All orders placed through the shop are binding.

By placing an order the buyer confirms that he is familiar with these terms and conditions and agrees with them. The buyer selects the goods in the online catalog. Price always corresponds to the price of the product that is listed in the online catalog at the time of ordering the product.
Sitting bags, not intended for children under 3 years because they contain small parts (polystyrene beads) with the risk of aspiration
understands with the fact that due to the different types of monitors, color may be offered goods shop in the photos differ slightly from the colors of goods in reality. Which is not considered as a defect.

Customer understands that the bags fill seat - polystyrene beads (pellet) time flicks and therefore this is no reason for complaint. The bags are sewn to go granulate supplemented or replaced. Granules can be ordered from us.
The order is a sales contract. The purchase agreement shall arise upon receipt of ordered goods by the buyer.
The condition of the electronic order completion of all required data and requirements.
Please include a telephone number! (We provide the carriers, not elsewhere)
Method of payment for goods on delivery is possible, on receipt of goods in cash (personal collection of the goods ordered electronically) or payment on account of the seller. The account number will be communicated to buy a product in the shop.

If the customer chooses a payment on account, goods will be reserved for him for up to 7 days after order confirmation.
If no payment, the order is automatically canceled. In the event that interest persists, please.
In the case of payments for goods made to order, given the long lead time, it can amount to pay the bill, prior to delivery.

The place of delivery is the address specified by the buyer in the purchasing form.
Title to the goods passes to the buyer, subject to payment of the purchase price, the takeover.
Shopping filling the form or binding order through the online stores, the purchaser gives consent to the collection and archiving of personal data and his purchases.

Receipt and dispatch of customer orders is confirmed informative mail to the specified address.

Customer on the delivery date will be familiar with the date of dispatch, delivery is to another day during the work week.

If the customer is not caught by the carrier, he can contact and arrange delivery to the customer with the carrier to comply with a term for it
Delivery time is between 2-10 working day and no later than 14 working days.
Prices and Discounts - All prices are in action, including dismissal or while supplies last.
Cancel order - you can cancel the order by e-mail. Just put the order number and contact information to you. The seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract only until the dispatch of goods, mainly because of the moment caused by the unavailability of goods ordered. Before the withdrawal, however, Seller shall attempt to contact the buyer and try to agree with him possible solutions.
Any complaints will be handled in accordance with applicable law.

Buyer do not arise in relation to other costs related to returning the goods if the claim is justified.

The carrier is not liable for poorly packed shipments. The manufacturer usually does not recognize the warranty for goods damaged in transit.
CARRIER YOU MUST provide for the control GOODS. CHECK YOUR GOODS CHECKING U, CORRUPTION IF NOT THEN carriers on a claim at the time of acceptance (signed drivers transport companies).
The warranty period is 24 months commencing on the date of receipt of the product by the consumer. Seller is responsible for all product defect, which has the goods on receipt by the buyer, or that appear during the warranty period. It does not apply to the defects caused by rough handling or mechanical damage.
The seller decides on the complaint within 30 days and inform the buyer via e-mail if the buyer agrees otherwise.

When making a claim must be submitted to the claimed goods (or documentation defects) and a brief description of the defect when the claim you please attach proof of purchase. . Without proof of claim can not be applied. The claim expires in the following cases:
damage to goods in transit (such damages to be addressed with the carrier upon acceptance)
violation of protective seals and labels if the product is
misapplication, incorrect installation
goods have been damaged by the elements
goods have been damaged by excessive load or use
confinement granulate is no reason for complaint
Internet order is the distance contract. The buyer has the right under the Civil Code to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods. And even without giving any reason return. The period runs from the day following receipt of goods. If it so decides, the damaged goods, no signs of use or needing, sufficiently protected from damage during shipping to send it back within this period (specifying the date of shipment). Upon receipt of returned goods, the seller return refund the corresponding amount previously agreed manner. When you return goods please attach proof of purchase. Without proof of purchase can not be refund. In any case, the goods shall not return cash on delivery! Thus we do not accept goods sent.
Each order is binding (Civil Code § 544-545, Law No. 40/1964) according to our terms and conditions. Customers who purchase goods or pay the order, if you consequently unclaimed consignment shipped cash on delivery, will be published in the registry and the borrowers will be required to pay the costs incurred in sending the goods and handling fee (called a penalty) of 1.000, - CZK. By placing an order you agree to our terms and conditions and contractual penalty in this amount. Please note that all outstanding debts (unpaid penalty) will be undergoing transmitted to the recovery, including all associated costs.