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How do I get a loyalty card FOR YOU?

This card can be obtained free of charge when purchasing goods or registering on our e-shop.

 Only on request.
Or you can also order it directly in our society FOR YOU Company, Ltd.

Why not order the Loyalty card FY??


This card brings you the benefits of different types of offers.
Partner discounts on certain goods or services!
When shopping in our E-shop will get discounts and a variety of gifts!
This card can also be applied to other services of our company!

They can use the card as well as other family members??

Yes they can, and we in our company we form a family team and clearly understand how it goes in the family. Therefore, we need a card for the whole family.

Continue to follow the terms of loyalty cards.

Index cards:


Pujč Porsche - For all our clients, we offer 15% discount on services of this company. This discount does not stack with discount events.

FOR YOU Reality - For all our clients, we offer 5% discount on the services of this company.

FOR YOU Shop - For all our clients, we offer a discount on selected products to 5%. And every customer gets free postage for each product.

FOR YOU Travel - For all our clients we offer a discount of 3 to 5% to jakkýkoliv tour.

Breakball - For all our clients, we offer discount 500 - 1500 CZK for a certain type of training

Studio Bellero - For all our clients we offer:

Portraits of 10%
Tabla 10%
Events 10%
Promotional photo 10%
Sporting events 10%
Entertainment 10%
Weddings 5%

Partners Frequent Flyer program:


FOR YOU Reality s.r.o.

FOR YOU Travel s.r.o.

FOR YOU Company s. r. o.

A8 Reklama

Taxi Petr Kožušník

Conditions Loyalty cards:


> Customers who founded the card is registered in the records of the company Company Ltd. FOR YOU

> The card is unlimited.